Commission Work & Custom Furniture

Step one - Understanding what we do

If you’ve been around us often enough, you would have heard us say, “We want you to love it more in 10 years time than you do now”.

This long game philosophy relates to every aspect of our custom pieces –simplicity in design, solid joinery and natural finishes.

To those who commission us to build them something special, we will give you our very best, drawing from our years of experience in solid timber to make you something that we hope you will enjoy for a lifetime –a future family heirloom.

Step two - Understanding our wait

If you have a deadline, please let us know but generally you’re looking at quite a wait (months) before we can make a start.

Lead times vary based on current work in progress.

Please understand that our time is limited for custom builds. As much as we enjoy time on the tools, the reality is the majority of our week is spent teaching others to build their own projects.

Quality takes time.
We’re not interested in taking shortcuts. Each piece of timber is carefully chosen for each component with consideration given to grain orientation, colour and seasonal movement.

All of our work is hand made and hand finished in our workshop in Townsville, Qld.


Step three - Understanding how we work

Depending on the request, we will usually follow up with a link to your quote which will include a brief description of the project, materials type and a price.

Now’s the time for you to ask questions - the quote that you receive is not final at this stage; it is only based on our original proposal and can be easily amended.

When you are keen to proceed, we require a deposit (50%) to get your job queued.

If you want to make smaller payments you are welcome to do so, just be aware that we wont queue your job until it you've paid at least half of the final amount.


Step Four - Understanding our process

As soon as we have started your project we’ll let you know and keep you updated throughout the build with progress images.
We’ll also post images on social media.

Any joinery decisions that are not specified in the sketches will generally be made by us as we progress through the build but from time to time we may get in touch with any questions and to get confirmations on design details.

As soon as your project is completed we will ask you to come and inspect.
At this stage the final payment balance is due and you can collect or we can arrange for a price to deliver.

Step Five - Aftercare and Support

After your amazing piece is home and is in use, like everything, it’s going to get grubby. So how are we (well... you) going to look after it?
All of the finishes that we use are easy care. We will endeavour to talk you through our recommendations on the aftercare and maintenance of your piece when it is collected or delivered but all of that information will be accessible to you via our website for future reference.

Step Six - Should anything go wrong we’re here for support.

All of our custom made products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If any of our products fail due to legitimate flaws in workmanship or materials or finishes, we will repair or replace it *free of charge. Hardware is not covered by our warranty.

Wood is alive; it breathes with the changes in humidity so expect it to move. Small cracks may also appear, especially in the dryer months so don’t be surprised if there is minor checking.
We deliberately use natural finishes because we believe they look and feel better.
Easy regular care and maintenance will prevent these finishes from drying out and as each layer is correctly applied and polished, the surface will continue to improve.

The result is a surface that gets better with age and reveals a patina that is only achievable through a life of use and care.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of the item along with proof of purchase and is not transferrable.
It also only applies as long as we are in business –while we have no intention of closing down and will always do our best to pursue excellence, we realise circumstances are never in our control.Failure to care for or use your custom item for a purpose other than it was intended will also void this warranty.

Warranty is not valid until full and final payment has been received.

*Shipping charges are not included

Order something Custom?

 Heirloom quality furniture and joinery designed and crafted locally in Townsville, QLD.

All our work comes with a

lifetime warranty.

 If you have any questions feel free to contact us