Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm interested in attending classes - what projects can I build?

A:  We’ve structured our school so that you can build pretty much whatever woodworking project you want. We will help you design and assist you through your build. You can have a look at our student gallery for some ideas.

Q: How do I book into a class?

A:  The easiest way is to jump onto our website and enrol as a student. Otherwise, arrange a time with us and come in to visit our workshops at 142 Bundock Street Belgian Gardens.

Q: What if i've booked a class and something has come up and I can’t attend?

A:  That will depend on whether you have enrolled as a recurring student or a casual student.

Let's address casual students first.. 

If you’ve enrolled as a casual student and pay as you book, if you cancel or miss a class, you won’t be refunded the fee but will be prompted to arrange a make up class with Joel. This make up class must be used within a month of the missed session.

If you’re a recurring student it's a little more complicated. 

Just as a courtesy, we ask you give 2 weeks notice if you know you are going to be away and need to cancel a class.

To make the cancellation, we ask you to log into your account and, under ‘bookings’ there is a button called ‘can’t make it’; or just let us know.

We understand, however, that life isn’t necessarily that structured; unplanned stuff comes up and, more often than not cancellations will be made within 2 weeks of your booked session so please cancel as soon as you can to give us as much time as possible to make your bench available to someone who would like to take your spot.

3 days prior to you booked session you will receive a text message reminder for your upcoming class. From this point on, we are going to ask you to pay for the booked session due to inadequate notice. In any case where you have been asked to pay for a missed session, you will be able to make that session up in any class other that your recurring class by arranging a time with Joel. This make up must be used within 1 month of the missed class.

Please understand that when you have your name down for a session, we cannot give that session to anyone else. Without adequate notice we have very little to no opportunity to fill that spot.

We have written the booking  system is to make booking benches as easy as possible and for the system to work it must be fair to all, both for you and for us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Joel if you have any issues relating to bookings. 

Q: What if I don’t want to sign up as a student?

A:  We also periodically hold events on Tuesday evenings that are more structured to achieve an outcome in a set timeframe. Check our website for upcoming workshops under ‘Events’. You can book into these classes without enrolling as a student.

Q: Can I share a bench with a partner, friend or child?

A:  Yes, and at no additional cost, provided they sign the student handbook and you are both working together on the same project. 

Q: I have received a gift voucher but I’m not really interested in becoming a student. How can I use it?

A: Gift vouchers are non refundable and, although intended to be used for session fees, can be used to purchase stocked items such as timber, tools or our own hand made items available in our shop. Alternatively you could re gift the voucher or sell it to one of our existing students.

Q: Why do you charge an enrolment fee?

A: When a student enrols, we charge a one off enrolment fee to cover insurances and additional administration costs. As an added bonus, newly enrolled students will receive a start up kit and a free session for every 20 sessions accrued.

Q: Can I make fun of the apprentice?

A: Hmm, lets put it this way; If you treat Grasshopper well you will benefit greatly.