Australian Guitar making School Townsville

No previous woodworking experience is required.

  • Open to all ages above 15 years.
  • Choose your own timbers and design
  • Once enrolled, each session lasts 4 hours, currently costs $100 incl. GST and are paid as you go. Materials are extra and average approx. $700 and are paid as you go as well.
  • Approximately 30 sessions are required to complete your instrument.
  • We do NOT build from kits!
  • All our classes are kept to small numbers – you get personal instruction and guidance every step of the way.
  • You will finish this course with your choice of your very own hand built Classical or Steel String guitar, however the course is not just limited to guitars - you can also make just about any other stringed instruments

This hands on class is led by teacher Joel Dubbeld, who will help and guide you to make your instrument.

To enquire, email Joel at or text 0412 243 444. More details are on our website, which we share with the other Australian Guitar Making Schools:

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