Our Facility

Our Facility

142 Bundock St, Belgian Gardens

Studio Dubbeld is a woodworker's making space situated on 2400m² of land, 5 minutes from Townsville city. With a large range of tooling and experience, we can either make for you, or help you create any woodworking project. There are four main areas.

  • The old corrugated iron WW2 hangar (360m²), contains the larger equipment
  •  The concrete building behind the hangar that houses our woodworking and guitar making Studio (around 85m²) is air conditioned 
  • A work area between the 2x sheds (around 30m²) for the smaller machines
  • Our Tool store, Dubbeld Wood Tools, and Reception occupies the front 80m2 of the ground level of the hanger. Within this space you will find:
    • Woodworking Tools
    • Woodworking Consumables
    • Woodware
  •  Walk up the ramp from Dubbeld Wood Tools and you'll find our wood store Dubbeld Woods Here we stock a good range of local timbers for various tasks.
    • Craft timber. Dressed stock for Box making, knife handles and woodturning.
    • Tonewoods. Stored in the old decommissioned spray booth which is air conditioned and humidity controlled.
    • Timber slabs
    • Dimensional sawn furniture making timber 

The igloo shaped building (or hanger) is actually a Quonset hut built by the US in World War 2 and, according to local knowledge it was used as a shed to service amphibious vehicles and marine craft. The studio that we use to make guitars is an old grain storage shed and apparently the first cast concrete building built in Townsville. 


About Joel Dubbeld

The first time I walked into a cabinetmaking shop in Charters Towers at the start of my apprenticeship around 30 years ago, it felt like I belonged in the industry. From then to now nothing has really changed in that regard and theres not much else I'd rather do than work with timber. As time passes, I am drawn more and more to the quietness of hand tools. It's a peaceful place - the precision, the feel, the sound, the fragrance, the way the surface of the wood dances as it catches the light off a sharp blade.
It has been really refreshing over the last years to steer the business from manufacturing into more of a studio space for makers.
Now alongside our custom manufaturing we have two schools: The Australian Guitar Making School Townsville and the Townsville School of Woodworking. I teach here at both.
In these classes students can learn as little or as much as they like and I'll do my best to guide them through their own builds and show them the techniques I believe are best practice.
When I get the chance to build, my preferred style is exposed joinery with little reliance on glue - there's nowhere to hide here but if the construction is sound, the piece will stand the test of time. The same goes for finishing - natural finishes that, with little maintenance, only get better with age.​

​Furniture Maker
Guitar Maker

About Aden Tranter ( The apprentice )

Aden started off as a student here in early 2017. He started a desk soon after helping Joel out with getting his website updated.

After building a desk, he had alot of other projects he wanted to do and progressively spent more and more time here helping out when he could.

Mid 2018 we made the choice to take Aden on as an apprentice after he made himself indispensable and felt this is what he really wanted to do as a career.

His background in IT/Software has been a real boost for our business in the time he's been here. Aden designed and wrote our websites and our booking system and continues to improve our on-line presence .

Aden is now a fully qualified Cabinetmaker and does our tech work.


IT Guy