Razorsaw Kugihiki double sided flush cut saw


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Flush cutting saws are delicate precision tools for cutting plugs, dowels, wooden nails and through tenons flush with the surrounding surface. This compact Japanese double edged saw with fine teeth spacing and extra-thin blade is the first choice for the finest cuts in tight spaces. The slim blade guarantees minimal cutting waste and due to the un-set teething they do not scratch the surface. The blade is hardened to HV900-1200 and extremely flexible, light pressure is all that is required to hold the blade down onto the work piece and achieve a truly flush cut.

‧Blade length:125mm
‧Blade thickness: 0.3mm
‧Pitch 1.0mm – 25tpi & 1.3mm – 20tpi, flexible
‧Handle: Japanese red beech
‧All Quenching
‧Carbon Steel blade (JIS:SK85)

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Weight0.054 kg
Dimensions30 × 5 × 2 cm


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