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25 grams of very high quality Dewaxed White shellac in a 500Ml squeeze bottle.

No other finish generates quite the reverence that shellac does. Shellac provides a repairable, durable, low toxicity finish well suited to most furniture applications an musical instruments.

Shellac powder is made into a polishing resin by dissolving it in ethanol or industrial alcohol (IMS100). This can be applied to a surface with either a french polishing method, which is a particular padding technique using a fad or tampon or rubber (all terms for the same hand applicator – a wad of cotton wool or wadding encased in a square of woven cotton cloth), by brush or by use of spay finishing equipment.

Shellac is flexible enough to also offer a simple and fast curing day-to-day finish. An application of a couple of coats of polish – padded or brushed on and then rubbed back with very fine abrasive paper, with a final very thin coat and a coat of beeswax polish, is a legitimate and simple use of shellac.

Shellac has several major positive attributes, high among them is that it is one of those few finishes which are reconstitutable which means new coats will meld with old and repairs and refurbishment is made very simple.
Because shellac is an organic product, it has a shelf life when purchased and stored dry. Old shellac past its use by typically fails to cure to the hard surface expected and remains tacky. When shellac is made up into polish its use by date is somewhat shortened, particularly for both white and blonde grades, and a useful rule of thumb is around 12 months. This shelf life can be considerably extended by storing both dry and mixed in a refrigerator.

Ethanol, French polishing kits and Beeswax polish are also available from our store.

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