Studio Rental Form


  • Studio Dubbeld will provide studio space within a shared workshop environment, with access to quality, well maintained equipment


    The studio spaces offered in our main workshop are restricted to one person per space. The machining area will not only be shared with other studio space users but also with students in our schools. If you do not work well with others, this is not for you.

    Work time is restricted to 8am - 5pm Mondays to Fridays unless pre-arranged
    No keys will be provided unless pre-arranged. NOTE: If a key is provided and lost, a $100 fee will apply to replace 3 x locks.

    What you can expect from us:

    1. A studio workspace within our main workshop covering a floor area of 3m x 4m, which includes the use of a workbench (if required) within that area and is measured 3m out from the front of the fixed cabinetry at the side walls of the building and across 4m parallel to the side walls. The use of the fixed cabinetry is included in your rental.
    2. Storage space including no more than 1x 300mm x 1200mm x 2500mm high sheet storage and 1x 4500mm x 400mm x 400mm high timber storage
    3. Morning Tea/Lunch room (upstairs) and shared space within that fridge only
    4. Access to 10amp electricity within your area
    5. Access to the following machines in a shared machine space: Panel Saws, Planer/Thicknesser, Wide Belt Sander, 17” Bandsaw, Docking Saw, Spindle Moulder, Router Table, Horizontal Borer and Drill Press.*
    6. A shared showroom to display or sell your work or wares**

    *To operate each of these machines you will first be required to sign off on documentation that you understand and will abide by safe operating procedures. All other tooling is not available unless pre-arranged.

    **Work or wares on display for sale will attract a 30% commission payable to Studio Dubbeld. Studio Dubbeld will advise you of the balance and pay into your chosen account once you have provided an invoice.
    Your direct dealings with your own customers are not our concern. Your customers must pay you directly and not use our eftpos facilities.

    It is very important to note that our studio space is available for rent as a maker’s space and the machining area will be shared with other makers and the students from the schools operating on site. Continuous single machine use is limited to not more than 1 hour per day under normal conditions.

    Terms of use:

    1. You must have your own Public Liability insurance and provide us with a copy of the Certificate of Currency which will be kept on file. - It is preferred and recommended that you also have Income Protection Insurance and Insurance for your own tooling, materials and customers goods/work in progress.
    2. You are expected to work autonomously.
    3. Rent must be paid weekly (not monthly) in advance. Invoices will be provided for all rent due. You can choose to leave at any time. If you are behind in rental payments for a period longer than 2 weeks, we reserve the right to cancel this agreement. If you leave without notice and have not paid rent or contacted us within a period of 6 weeks, anything left in your area will be used or disposed of as we see fit. Rent will be charged while your tools and/or materials and/or work in progress is within your rented studio space.
    4. Timber, consumables and other materials are available for purchase from our premises. Please advise of your intent to purchase before use. Materials purchased from Studio Dubbeld stock will be invoiced and payable at the end of each day. Materials special ordered through Studio Dubbeld will be charged at supplier cost plus 20% and must be paid prior to ordering.
    5. Keep clean and maintain your studio space and machining areas at all times as untidiness can cause hazards (trip or fire hazards). It is extremely important that your housekeeping is and remains in order at all times. Sweep or vacuum (preferred) your sawdust. Airborne dust must be kept to a minimum - do not use compressed air to blow down your area.
    6. Ensure that your work in progress is returned to your rented studio space at the end of each day. Workshop trolleys are primarily for Studio Dubbeld and student use but may be borrowed temporarily while not in use.
    7. Dispose of your own waste including your share of extracted sawdust on a regular basis (the Studio’s wheelie bins and or waste bins in the workshop are not available for your use and are for our students and resident use only).
    8. Supply your own hand and power tools – the workshop’s tools are not part of the agreement, unless prior arrangements have been made.
    9. Store any timber, sheets, tools or other items belonging to you in your allocated storage space or on, under or behind your bench. If you need additional storage space, or an additional bench, charges will apply, unless prior arrangements have been made.
    10. No end grain, recycled, dirty, painted, treated or processed (plywood, mdf, etc.) wood is to be run over/through the planer/thicknesser. Bags are supplied to store wood shavings extracted from this machine. These bags of shavings are collected for animal bedding so no shavings from treated timbers are to be extracted.
    11. Use headphones if you want to listen to music/radio.
    12. It is your responsibility to supply and use your own bits, knives, saw blades and wide sanding belts when using our machinery. Wide sanding belts can be purchased from us or you can supply these yourself. For indexable Planer/Thicknesser knives, reasonable use will incur no additional charge due to the difficulty in sharpening/rotation. Our bits, knives, blades and sanding belts are for use by our residents and students only.
    13. The workshop air compressor is to be used only for the Wide Belt Sander and must be switched off after use. You will need to provide an air compressor for use of your own pneumatic tools
    14. No machines that you have turned on must ever be left operating unattended
    15. Your customers/friends etc. when visiting our premises must be accompanied at all times.
    16. As the workshop is available Monday to Friday only between 8am and 5pm, any deliveries or pickups arranged by you must be done so in that timeframe. We are not responsible for items that are delivered outside that time frame. You must be present when deliveries arrive to help unload and if your delivery requires a forklift you must pre arrange this.
    17. The loading/unloading of your or your customer vehicles and all deliveries must be either through the back driveway via Bundock Street or via the front gate at the front driveway. The reception area/shop is not to be used for this purpose and is not a thoroughfare for loading.
    18. Parking is available for you and your customers on Bundock Street alongside the igloo building or on Short Street. The driveways/gates must remain accessible at all times.
    19. All machinery being used by you (including the compressor) as well as fans in the workshop are to be turned off before leaving the premises. if you are the last to leave, it is your responsibility to lock all doors and gates.
    20. Signage: You are entitled to two fixed signs to advertise your business (long term rental agreements only); one approx 500mm x 200mm panel can be attached to the external timber panelling to the RH side of the front glass door and another 1800mm x 300mm panel hanging from the existing studio dubbeld sign on the side of the building on bundock street. We must approve the artwork and substrate prior to attachment. Movable signs such as sandwich boards can be used to a limit of one and must be relocated back to your rented studio space at the end of each work day.
    21. Additional workers . You are welcome to share your rented space with an offsider or employee under the following conditions:
    1. An offsider, working less than 16 hours per week will incur one quarter of your weekly fee. Limited to one offsider.
    2. A full time offsider will incur half your weekly fee. Limited to one offsider.
    3. A part time employee, working less than 16 hours per week requiring an additional 3m x 4m studio space will incur half your weekly fee, however, that studio space must be cleared out when not in use. Limited to one employee.
    4. A full time additional employee requiring an additional 3m x 4m studio space will incur a full weekly fee for the use of that space
    5. You are responsible for the insurance of your offsider or employee and the above-mentioned points apply also to your offsider or employee.

    Studio Dubbeld Reception

    The role of our staff at reception (if present) is to:

    1. Field general customer enquiries
    2. Hand out business card/contact info
    3. Look after any requested ordering of supplies (cost plus 20%)
    4. Handle sales of your wares (which incur a 30% commission for the Studio)

    The role of our staff at reception is not to:

    1. Be your secretary
    2. Deal with your customer complaints (hopefully there are none!)
    3. Clean your mess
    4. Chase you for late payment

    *reception will not be attended at all times. If you are the only one present in the workshop, it is your responsibility to greet customers. If you do not wish to do so, please close the doors.

    When you come onto our premises, we want you to be aware that we will not be taking responsibility for any incurred injury or illness to you or any of your employees, friends, relatives or clients.
    Tools, materials and your customer work left on our site is at your own risk. The worksop is old, it gets hot in summer and leaks when it rains so please make yourself aware of areas that get wet. Please also make yourself aware of the location and correct use of all fire fighting equipment.
    No machines are to be operated by you unless you have received training in correct use and safe operating procedures.
    Away from general wear and tear, you will be responsible for the repairs or replacement of any machinery or equipment that has incurred any damage through excessive force, misuse, malicious intent, or a wrongful act.